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Experience you can Trust

A large transmission cooler, factory cooler, or other large scale heat exchanger costs an excessive amount of money. You cannot afford to let just anyone clean these devices. And, the rewards of restoring function and prolonging the life of these costly devices makes maintenance investments an easy expense to justify.

We often get large heat exchangers from companies who went with another heat exchanger cleaner before they came to us. After we get their heat exchanger, we clean it to a degree that simply shocks them. Our customers are often amazed at how clean we get their heat exchanger and how well it performs after we send it back to them. If you are interested in a pristine clean, that rivals even that of new OEMs, you’ve found the right company!

We know we make quite the claim when we talk about the level of cleaning we provide. That is why we challenge potential customers to trust us with just one heat exchanger and see the results. We think that you too will be another amazed client after you see how well we clean your heat exchanger.

a Plate Heat Exchanger

We know Heat Exchangers

We’ve been in the heat exchanger flushing and cleaning industry for over 30 years. And, in that time, we’ve seen a lot of these devices. We have also seen a lot of heat exchangers and coolers that were previously cleaned by other companies; only to end up at our shop needing to be further cleaned. In all our years in the industry, we have been delivering highly professional, thoroughly clean heat exchangers back to our customers. Once a client sees how clean we get these devices, they trust us with their cleaning.

We have developed several proprietary techniques that took years to synthesize; and, we also have patented cleaning technology at our disposal. This array of potent cleaning technologies is utilized in a calculated way to produce heat exchangers that are so clean, they amaze our new clients.

Given the thousands of different heat exchangers we’ve seen and cleaned, we are ready to impart this experience to tackling your cleaning job.

Take the Flushing Services Challenge

Take our Challenge!

If you are someone that needs to clean high value transmissions or heat exchangers, we invite you to take our challenge. We don’t offer this challenge for free to individuals who just want one heat exchanger cleaned; but, if having you as a customer would mean a high volume of business, we will clean your heat exchanger or transmission for free.

We want to offer this free challenge to prove to you just how amazing our cleaning is—be prepared to see your transmission or heat exchanger cleaned to the point where it is as clean or more clean than a brand new OEM component or machine. We are that good; and, we don’t just want to say it, we want to prove it!

There is no need to settle for cleaning that results in early retirement of transmissions and heat exchangers due to a loss of performance.

We want an opportunity to prove to you that you want us to clean your coolers and transmissions. Just contact us and ask about our free challenge. We are ready to serve you!

Flushing Services Customer Service

Relentless Dedication to Customer Service

The staff at Flushing Services know their craft; and are ready to assist you quickly with any questions you may have. We are available over the phone or via our website’s contact form to field any questions you may have. Be sure that we will be able to give you a clear estimate of cost and timeframe it will take for your heat exchanger to get cleaned. We are here to provide you with a free consultation and quote from a friendly staff member ready to ensure your questions get answered.

Take our Challenge!

If you are a business with heat exchangers, we invite you to take our challenge. To do this, simply send us a heat exchanger, or component of a large exchanger, and we will clean it better than your current cleaner. Companies who take this challenge are consistently shocked at how clean we get their devices. For commpanies that have large cleaning needs, we are willing to clean one device for free!

We want to win your trust by proving our cleaning ability with results. There is a reason we are trusted by so many companies and United States Military; we deliver results. If you have been settling for heat exchanger cleaning that doesn’t get a device truly clean, take our challenge. Let us prove to you just how clean we can get your exchanger.

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