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We Fix Oil Coolers & Heat Exchangers

Flushing Services works with different heat exchangers across many industries. We are experts at repairing and maintaining oil coolers and heat exchangers. With over 30 years of experience with these devices, we want to be the professionals you trust!

Cooler Repair & Maintenance

Oil Cooler / Heat Exchanger Maintenance & Repair

Flushing Services is a professional heat exchanger / oil cooler cleaning facility; yet, we also perform repair work. As you may know, any competent cooler cleaning service will need to investigate any damage to the device during the cleaning process. Repairs go hand-in-hand with effective cleaning. And, at Flushing Services, we don’t cut corners when it comes to doing a thorough, quality job.

We check all the components of various coolers. Tubes, gaskets, tube sheets, transfer lines, cooling systems, and all other parts of a cooler. We professionally spot all types of inconsistencies, such as leaks or gasket damage. Once we have determined the component that has been damaged, we professionally repair it.

As you probably know, cleaning a cooler is just half of the job. Making sure that there are no defects or malfunctions with the cooler is the other half. It takes doing both of these tasks to a high level of quality to fully restore a heat exchanger that isn’t performing at optimum levels. Flushing Services focuses on both of these aspects of cooler maintenance to do the job right—the first time!

Saving you Time & Money!

Flushing Services wants to give you the cutting edge of cooler cleaning; and, at the same time, give you a fully serviced and repaired heat exchanger. This will ensure that your operation gets up and running as fast as possible. We want to be your source for a "one stop shop" that handles all the problems your cooler is experiencing, and solve these problems in an adroit, alacrious, and affordable way!

We strive to deliver a very high quality repair for every heat exchanger / oil cooler that we clean. If you are having problems with your heat exchanger, let us take a look. We will give you a fast and accurate diagnostic and quote. We want to be your source for cooler repair and maintenance!

Heat Exchanger / Oil Cooler Maintenance and Repair.

Take our Challenge!

If you are a business with heat exchangers, we invite you to take our challenge. To do this, simply send us a heat exchanger, or component of a large exchanger, and we will clean it better than your current cleaner. Companies who take this challenge are consistently shocked at how clean we get their devices. For commpanies that have large cleaning needs, we are willing to clean one device for free!

We want to win your trust by proving our cleaning ability with results. There is a reason we are trusted by so many companies and United States Military; we deliver results. If you have been settling for heat exchanger cleaning that doesn’t get a device truly clean, take our challenge. Let us prove to you just how clean we can get your exchanger.

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