The Best Method to Clean Oil Coolers

What is the best way to clean an oil cooler? The answer is simple: have a professional clean it.

The primary reason is that do-it-yourself methods will never remove all of the debris and crud from an oil cooler. The leftover debris and contaminants, a significant amount of which will have been loosened via the cleaning process, can break off and seriously damage your equipment / machine.

The second reason is that improper cleaning procedures (wrong chemicals, wrong pressure, wrong temperature) can damage an oil cooler. A damaged oil cooler is just a problem waiting to happen to the system it is connected to.

The third reason is the same as the primary reason. I know, we are stating it again! But, it is just that important to understand. If you clean your oil cooler yourself, the leftover contaminants that did not get removed can wreak havoc on the machine connected to the partially cleaned oil cooler. Do not risk the engine or machine you use the oil cooler on; you can easily be in for a total failure of that engine or machine. It’s just not worth the risk.

Because the cost and risks associated with do-it-yourself oil cooler cleaning can be very high; and the results often sub-par, it is better to replace the oil cooler IF you don’t want to get it professionally cleaned.

All professional oil cooler cleaning services are not equal. We invite you to take our challenge, and see just how clean Flushing Services can get your oil cooler. Our customers are often shocked at how clean their oil coolers come back to them! We pride ourselves on being the best in our industry!

Why an Oil Cooler Needs Cleaning

How to Clean an Oil Cooler

An oil cooler is a piece of equipment that is used to transfer heat away from oil (or another fluid) to another medium; be it air or another fluid. An oil cooler performs this function without the two fluids combining or being in direct contact. This is accomplished by flowing the hot oil through a device that the oil can heat up, and then in turn heat the surrounding air or fluid with that heat. These devices often have small channels which the oil flows through; and, this makes them prone to being clogged with fouling and debris.

When the channels in an oil cooler are clogged, the efficiency of the oil cooler is reduced. The loss of the ability to effectively transfer heat can cause the engines or machinery the oil flows through to have higher operating temperatures. And, of course, this can lead to malfunctions and decreased device life spans.

In addition to the buildup of heat, the debris that builds up inside an oil cooler can break loose and pass, with the oil, into the internal system of the machine it is keeping cool. For automotive oil coolers, this can lead to a transmission failure. In larger industrial oil coolers, this debris can cause severe damage to expensive equipment. The prevention of such scenarios is often paramount for those that understand the importance of oil cooler maintenance and cleaning.

Only a Professional Should Clean an Oil Cooler

Oil coolers must be cleaned by a professional. Using basic cleaning techniques; such as solvents, reverse flow, pulsating flow, wand flush tools, charged particle separators, or mechanical cleaning (scrapping or brushing out the material by hand or with a machine); will not adequately clean an oil cooler. The remaining debris, scaling, and other fouling can cause serious damage to an engine or industrial machine. That is why, if you don’t remove all of the debris and contaminants in your oil cooler, you could end up with a significant problem shortly thereafter.

Again, there is simply no good technique that a mechanic or do-it-yourselfer can employ to clean an oil cooler enough for it to be safe to reuse. You must have your oil cooler professionally cleaned if you want to be ensured that your oil cooler won’t cause a future system problem. You are going to be better off buying a new oil cooler than trying to reuse a dirty unit.

Should I Buy a New Oil Cooler?

Even the cleaning process, if not done correctly, can lead to problems with your cooler. When you introduce incorrect fluid chemicals, fluid flow, temperature, or pressure into an oil cooler, it can have negative ramifications on the oil cooler. The valves, seals, and other components of the device can suffer. The result can be immediate component failure and system damage.

And, as already stated, even if a cleaning process removes half or more of the debris and contaminants in the cooler, what’s left behind can cause problems.

If your oil cooler cleaning company can’t give you 99.9% removal of debris and contaminant, than you may want to consider trying our service. We can, and do, remove 99.9% of the gunk, buildup, and any other contaminants from oil coolers.

The best course of action, if you can’t remove 99.9% of the contaminants and fouling from an oil cooler is simply to replace it with a new unit. Don’t take chances!

Flushing Services provides a more cost effective option that can restore a cooler by getting as clean, or cleaner, than a brand new device. Even oil coolers from the factory have some debris in them; this debris is left over from the manufacturing process. With Flushing Services you don’t have to buy a new oil cooler; we can restor your old cooler to as good or better than a brand new device!

We Totally Clean Oil Coolers & can Save you Money

Flushing Services has been cleaning oil coolers and heat exchangers of all kinds for over 30 years. We even have a cooler flushing machine, utilizing patented technology, called Hot Flush (you may have heard of it)! Suffice it to say, we can guarantee that your oil cooler will have 99.9% of the debris and contaminants removed from it by our proprietary cleaning process.

Many mechanics and factory technicians can warn you about the dangers of using a poorly cleaned oil cooler. Cleaning a transmission oil cooler simply isn’t a job that should be done without professional help. And, the same is true for business with large oil coolers. You need to be sure the device is free from contaminants. That is why we are here: we totally clean oil coolers.

By using our service, you can save yourself the need to buy a new oil cooler. Our clients are often shocked at how pristinely cleaned their oil coolers come back to their facilities. We clean these devices to the extent that they are as clean, or cleaner, than new oil coolers from the factory. That’s right, even factory oil coolers can have residual debris in them left over from the manufacturing process.

We can breathe new life into an old oil cooler; enabling it to serve you well for the foreseeable future. When you trust your oil coolers to Flushing Services, you can be assured that the old unit will perform like new again. And, you can also trust that the cleaned cooler will not cause other problems with your machinery or operation.

Professional Oil Cooler Cleaning

Take our Challenge!

If you are a business with heat exchangers, we invite you to take our challenge. To do this, simply send us a heat exchanger, or component of a large exchanger, and we will clean it better than your current cleaner. Companies who take this challenge are consistently shocked at how clean we get their devices. For commpanies that have large cleaning needs, we are willing to clean one device for free!

We want to win your trust by proving our cleaning ability with results. There is a reason we are trusted by so many companies and United States Military; we deliver results. If you have been settling for heat exchanger cleaning that doesn’t get a device truly clean, take our challenge. Let us prove to you just how clean we can get your exchanger.

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